Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics is a site analysis tool provided by Google for free to webmasters.
  • This analytics tool can give webmasters complete information about inbound traffic, user behavior on the site, conversion rates, and general useful information and reports. Information can play a significant role in optimizing a website and its development.

  • This tool allows you to monitor your site, blog, and social networks and provide information such as how users enter, user behavior, conversion rate, time spent on pages, device type, and everything that happens on your site or blog. These are just a few of the reports that Google Analytics provides to you. This vital information can well reflect your site's state, but what makes Google Analytics a complete tool is that it is compatible with other Google tools. So, analytics can be combined with Google Ads, YouTube, and Tag Manager. In fact, all Google tools that count traffic and traffic can be mixed and completed with Google Analytics.

Why do all webmasters and bloggers need Google Analytics?

  • Do you have a personal blog, or do you run a website? If so, no matter which one you have, you will need Google Analytics anyway. Why? Because it is more critical for you to attract the audience and Google Analytics will help you in this direction.
The following are just a few of the questions you can answer with this analytics tool:

  • How many people visit my website?
  • On average, how much time do people spend on my website?
  • Are the contents of my pages clear and attractive enough?
  • What topics are my blog readers interested in?
  • What cities and countries do my visitors live in?
  • Do I need a responsive, phone-friendly website?
  • Through which website are visitors directed to my site?

  • Google Analytics can turn your website statistics into a valuable resource for identifying users and optimizing your website for them. So do not hesitate to use it for a moment. Of course, we have to tell you that Google Analytics can also be installed on phone applications (Android and iOS). Now that you know why Google Analytics is valuable let's talk more about installing and using it.