Digital Marketing

In general, any work in which you use digital tools (such as email, site, text message, etc.) to advertise, sell, poll or promote your products or services is a form of digital marketing. Digital marketing does not have a clear boundary for which we define a list of tools and tasks, but based on experience and shared knowledge, we know what works most under the heading of digital marketing. The world of digital marketing is vast. It starts with the basics of digital marketing, which is the basis of internet sales, until the moment you monitor your million-dollar sales. So, first of all, get acquainted with all the digital marketing methods and techniques that we have fully explained in the video course "Internet Sales Training." In this course, you will learn how to attract customers, make them love your business, and multiply your customers. Finally, experience a million sales.

First Step: Searching

According to statistics, more than 60% of people who have access to the Internet search for the product on the Internet before each purchase. This search can be a piece of simple price information or in-depth research. If you are not a fan of mobile phones and do not know about the new models offered, by searching for phrases such as: "best new phones," "best mobile under 1000$", "Samsung 2020", you will try to find a list of selectable models. The indispensable role of digital marketing at this stage can be divided into several parts. First, you need to publish and publish articles or videos according to your needs. This part of the job is content-based marketing. Secondly, the website or any other platform intended for publishing content must be SEO. Simply put, a page or website ranks high among thousands of Google search results.

Second Step: Comparing

After you have read some lists and guides, now is the time to compare models. You are looking for the names of three suggested models. In the search, you click on the first link, which is an ad. Ads within Google are managed and executed by the Google Ads service. A digital marketing expert can optimize ads so that they are targeted to potential customers in search results. Usually, we do not limit ourselves to one result in searches and open several tabs simultaneously. Details are necessary when there are several options. At this stage, the digital marketing expert must ensure that the information required by the user is available and that the overall user experience is satisfactory. This is where design skills, experience, and user interface come into play. In addition, digital analytics tools such as Google Analytics should understand what sources users enter the website from, what they do, and what makes them stop buying.

Third Step: Encouragement for Buying

After all the research, you will reach a final choice. You also check the prices, warranty, and accessories and finally decide to buy from a not-so-famous store. In the purchase process, things go well, and you receive a text message confirming the order's registration.

Fourth Step: Customer loyalty and return

Are you satisfied with the phone you bought, and everyone asks where you bought it and say the name of the online store. Suppose you do not purchase glass and a case for the phone. On the same day, you will receive an SMS from the online store that the glass and frames of this model are 30% discounted. You also order glass and frame from this store. They also put a link to the store's Instagram page in the ad text message; After looking at the Instagram page, you will like its content and follow it. In this case, Digital Marketer is trying to get its previous customers to buy again by sending messages, advertising, managing social networks and developing online sales campaigns.