Most online marketing methods such as advertising and email marketing are valuable as long as you use them consistently. As soon as you stop your business, you will experience a severe decline or loss of that marketing channel. Content marketing and SEO for business create lasting added value that will be profitable for you for a long time, even after your activities have stopped.
• There are 63,000 Google searches per second.
• 61% of the world's businesses consider SEO and content marketing as their most important marketing methods.
• On average, 41% of corporate marketing costs are spent online
• 46% of Google searches refer to local businesses.


1_93% of online shopping experiences start with a simple internet search.
2_75% of the searches performed on the first page of the results are completed and do not refer to the second page.
3_70% of users of Google ads on the results page do not take it seriously and only click on the main results.
SEO is an endless and repetitive process that begins with analyzing target words and the analysis of competitors. Based on this, we develop an SEO strategy and a detailed plan for its implementation. Finally, in accordance with this plan, we perform the process of content production and link building. Our achievements in the first months (after the start of SEO) provide new information and statistics that pave the way for more accurate analysis, better planning, and new content production. This endless process is done to gain user satisfaction, and one of its side effects is achieving a ranking in Google results. In other words, SEO in today's world is no more extended site optimization for search engines but optimization to improve the search experience or Search Experience Optimization.