Web Design

The website design company implements a unique and exceptional website for customers, which is completely customized based on the client's needs and tastes. We offer beneficial websites for all industries, including industrial factories, real estate, law firms, medicine, news agencies, online stores, etc. In coding the professional website design template, all the basic principles of SEO are observed in accordance with today's standards.

It is worth mentioning that the SAMS Tech Group offers highly optimized websites, which causes an increment in the website loading speed that increases your website ranking. It is the feature of our group that distinguishes us from other competitors. Additionally, the WordPress website design support services, owing to the company's mission, are performed in the form of 24-hour support, aiming to satisfy the customer.

Web Design

1. Website design using PHP or Python programming language as needed

2. Responsive website design compatible with mobile and tablet desktops

3. Complete dynamic programming and design of the portal and the possibility of updating by the site administrator

4. Providing a user-friendly website portal management panel without the need for any specialized knowledge

5. Providing the necessary training in the form of documentation and face-to-face training along with preparing an educational video

6. Coding the site with web design and SEO standards to increase the site's ranking in Google

Your design process, in one place

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The responsive website design

The responsive website design is one of the unique characteristics of the SAMS Tech Group. Due to the increasing expansion of mobile and rising users' website visits through mobile phones and tablets, all web design projects are implemented in the form of Responsive Web Design. In responsive site design, the display of the designed website on all computer devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet, changes according to the visitor's device, and the size and layout of the web pages are displayed correctly.

website design portfolios

There is a creative, adept, and professional design and programming team in the SAMS Tech Group that adheres to all the necessary principles and elements, including a user-friendly graphical user interface UI and a user-friendly UX experience creating a fully optimized site for search engines. Here you can find some website design portfolios of the SAMS Tech Group


  • Is the designed website upgradeable in the future?

    Yes. Due to the fact that the website design is done dynamically by the SAMS Tech Group, it is possible to update and upgrade the website in the future.
  • Is it possible for the customer to edit the website after the website design is completed by the SAMS Tech Group?

    Yes. It is possible for the customer to edit different parts of the website. In this regard, an educational video for the dedicated website customers is prepared and presented by the SAMS Tech Group so that the customer can apply the necessary changes personally
  • Is the website designed to be SEO based?

    Yes. The web design and development team of the SAMS Tech Group designs the website using the latest coding technology and completely SEO-based.
  • What plans does the WordPress website support services include?

    The SAMS Tech Group has provided professional bronze, silver, gold and VIP plans to provide WordPress website support services.
  • What topics do SEO services for the designed website include?

    The SEO consulting and analysis provided by the SAMS Tech Group includes SEO analysis report and performing internal and external SEO processes during a one-year contract.
  • Is the information available in the website designed by the SAMS Tech Group backed up?

    Website design customers can make backup files through their hosts. But if you do not have the necessary skills to prepare a backup, you can send a ticket to the support unit to request your backup so that our experts can make a backup of your site information.